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Super Chicken

Q: Where can I get Tapes/DVDs of the episodes?

A: *UPDATE* Super Chicken is now available on DVD from Classic Media and Amazon.com.

A: This is the #1 most asked question. While there were some George of the Jungle videos made in 1993 (CBS/Fox Video) that had most of the Super Chicken episodes on them, these tapes are hard to come by. I believe there were 8 in all. There are no other "Official" tapes or DVDs.
My answer to the question is, do what I did. Look on eBay. I've found 7 of the official tapes that way (search for George of the Jungle for the official ones). You will also find several home made Tapes and DVDs. While you can get all 17 episodes this way, the quality may be questionable. I've gotten a "fair" quality DVD and a "poor" tape so Caveat Emptor.

Q: Could you make me a copies of the episodes?

A: The #2 most asked question. The simple answer is No.
While I could make copies for people, I don't because I wouldn't have time (if you knew how many people asked you'd see why) plus I would have to charge for my time, blank DVDs and shipping costs. If I charge for something I don't hold the copyright for (did you notice the "Un-Official" on the front page) I could get sued. I will not allow myself to be sued over a cartoon no matter how much I love it. :o)
Sorry, try eBay.

Q: Can I use the sounds and graphics for my site/club/whatever?

A: Sure, help yourself. Again, I don't hold the copyright for Super Chicken. I'm just a fan who made a website. That said, if Jay Ward Productions ever asks me to take down this site, it will be gone.
My only requests are:

1. Please copy the file to your server. Don't link to my copy. I'm using way too much bandwidth as it is already.
2. While not required, a link back to my site to say where you snagged the files from would be nice.
3. Also not required but nice, drop me an email and let me know what you've done. I like hearing from other fans of the Plucky Pullet.

Q: Where can I get Super Chicken ring tones?

A: Make it yourself. Find out what format your phone uses, grab one of the sound files and convert it. All the tools are out there on the internet. Google is a beautiful thing.

Q: Where can I get a Super Chicken T-Shirt?

A: The answer to this recently changed. I emailed Jay Ward Productions in 2003 and asked them this same question (people kept asking me so I went to the source).
At that time, you could get shirts from them at The Dudley Do-Right Emporium, located at 8200 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA.
While they didn't have shirts on the website, but the email said that they could be ordered (by phone or email I guess). Well, the website has changed recently and it's no longer a store front for The Dudley Do-Right Emporium so I'm not sure anymore. Next time I'm in Hollywood, I'll check.

Well, that's all the big questions for now. I'll add more as they come in.
Remember, you didn't dream it, you're not crazy and it wasn't some drug induced hallucination from the late 60's. Super Chicken was real.


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